Quick Setup Guide

Using MyClubMenu


This guide is a basic introduction to what you need to know to get started on MyClubMenu. There are four basic steps to getting started:

  1. Choose a TV
  2. Sign Up
  3. Connect your TV
  4. Publish a Menu

We also have a getting started video:


MyClubMenu is designed to be used on any Smart TV with a web browser built-in. Unfortunately, we're not able to test with every TV, but we've had the best experience with the latest generations of Samsung and LG TVs that are marketed as Smart TVs.

Many of the TVs going on sale during the Black Friday sales are great options for MyClubMenu. We recommend looking for a TV that is at least 1080p resolution, if not 4k, and has a web browser built-in.

Sizes are difficult to recommend as it depends on the layout of your shop and how far the customers will be from the TVs, as well as the number of items you want to display. For a typical nutrition club, we would recommend three TVs, with the smallest size being 48". Some of our customers have gone as large as 65", particularly for featured screens. We recommend measuring before purchasing.

Here are some specific black friday deals to help you get started. As we find more we'll list them here.

Other Options

Fire TV/Stick

Amazon is currently only listing the Fire TVs for sale for Black Friday on their website. We have not tested the Fire TV specifically, but have been able to use Fire Sticks on non-Smart TVs. One of the downsides of Fire TVs is that they force the TV to sleep after a few hours.

One option that we've found to keep them from sleeping is an app in the Amazon app store called ClickSimply Kiosk. Unfortunately, we are not affiliated with this app and cannot guarantee its ongoing support or viability.

As we find more options, we'll post them here.

Onn Android Devices

Onn has a similar situation in that they do not have a browser built-in and they force a sleep period after a few hours. However, being an Android device there are more potential workarounds in the future.

The app that we recommend on Onn devices is Fully Kiosk Browser. Again, we are not affiliated with this app nor can guarantee its ongoing support or viability.

One difficulty we had with Fully Kiosk was being able to change the URL after setting up the app initially. This wouldn't be necessary if you enter the URL correctly the first time as the TVs have a permanent URL, but if you make a mistake, hold the Back button on your remote, then go to Settings, and Change Content Settings.

Sign Up

We've tried to make signing up as simple as possible. If you sign up now, you will get two months free. Visit Register to get started.

We do require a credit card to begin your free trial, but you can cancel through our website at any time during the two months and you won't be charged.

We also offer an annual plan that will save you $180/yr.

Of course, if you have any issues, feel free to reach out to us through our Contact form

Connect a TV

Once you're signed up, connecting a TV is simple.

  1. Go to TVs in the sidebar
  2. Click the New TV button. (Or click this link)
  3. Open https://myclub.menu/tv on your TV
  4. Enter the code from your TV into your browser.
  5. Give the TV a name, and if you want, a description to help you know which TV is which.

And that's it! You're ready to publish a menu. If you have any issues, feel free to reach out to us through our Contact form

Publish a Menu

Once you've connected a TV, publishing a menu is as simple as adding a menu to the TV list. Click the "Add Menu" button, and choose which menu you would like to appear on the TV.

You can actually add multiple menus to the same TV by repeating the above and they will rotate. You can change the transition time directly on the TV page.

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